From inspiring nature to the joy of slowing down, the free-spirit vibe of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica may charm you into transforming your life for the better.

by Shannon Farley

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is a place to breathe deeply, get in tune with nature, lose yourself in the fun of adventure, and let yourself completely relax from the stresses of daily life.

The breathtaking beaches and rainforest will inspire you. You may start daydreaming about relocating here permanently; and at the very least, hopefully you will take the spirit of Santa Teresa back home with you.

12 Reasons why your life will change with a trip to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

See the benefits of a slower pace of life. Santa Teresa is a place where the time of day is not nearly as important as the waves that are breaking or having a chat with friends over a fresh fruit smoothie or a coffee. Learn to embrace the relaxed “pura vida” lifestyle of Costa Rica, slow down, and remember life is to be enjoyed. Realize there is much to be missed when rushing.

Surfing in Santa Teresa Costa RicaBe welcomed. Feel the bliss of warm smiles, cheery greetings, and friendly welcomes wherever you go in Santa Teresa. Costa Ricans (Ticos and Ticas) are some of the friendliest and happiest people you will encounter.

Discover the magic in the start of the day. Life gets going early in Costa Rica, where the sun generally rises between 5:15 and 5:45 a.m. all year long. Everything about how the day starts in this magical place is worth waking up to: the freshness of the air, the smell of the salty sea, the sounds of birds and howler monkeys.

Find gratitude in a sunset. When it comes time for Santa Teresa’s spectacular sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, everyone gathers at the beach to enjoy the show. This is the time to relish cool breezes, walk, surf or watch the surfers, and be grateful for nature’s beauty.

Sunsets santa teresa costa ricaChange your relationship with nature. In Santa Teresa, nature is center stage. Walk down amazingly beautiful beaches where it is just you and the sand, surf, sky and serenity. Encounter the mighty power of Mother Nature in a gushing thunderstorm. Experience the delicate fragility of life in an orchid. And you will never see green the same way again after being in the rainforest.

Tap into your animal instinct. Go wild discovering the incredible animals of Costa Rica – some of the most colorful and exotic wildlife on Earth – and feel the connection in all life.

Stimulate all of your senses. From the sweet perfume of an ylang-ylang tree at dusk to the tang of cilantro, tomato and lemon on the freshest seafood, there are some seriously amazing smells, tastes, sights and sounds in Costa Rica that will make your senses come alive.

Delight in new colors and flavors in Costa Rican food. Taste the difference of freshness in traditional Costa Rican dishes and tropical fusion cuisine and let your meals feed your soul.

Challenge yourself with new adventures. From surfing to zip lining, waterfall swimming to stand-up paddling, there are so many adventures to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica that you will always have more to try.

Be awed. Towering waterfalls, trees as tall as skyscrapers, ocean so blue it seems photoshopped, insects that gleam like brilliantly hued jewels, and birds that sound like croaking frogs (toucans) … Costa Rica will awe you.

Yoga Hotel Tropico LatinoRe-energize yourself. In Santa Teresa, you can enjoy a beachfront yoga class or a quiet meditation under a palm tree by the sea and reconnect with what is important to you.

Extend your comfort zone. Sip fresh juice directly from a coconut. Get dirty on a good day exploring. Wander barefoot and feel the sand beneath your feet. Let your hair be brushed by the wind. It is time to let go.

Visit Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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